Pros And Cons Of High School Uniforms

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“I went to private school for a very long time, and we always wore uniforms. Then in third grade, I switched to a public school, so I was so excited to wear what I wanted on the first day. I remember I chose this orange hoodie with a skirt, and it's so funny when I think about it now because my style really hasn't changed that much.” (Keke Palmer). Fashion is an extension of people. They define who people are and how they want people to see them. Private school, La Salle Catholic College Preparatory High School’s (LSCCP) dress codes are limiting students to show their true selves and mold the students into well behaved and well dressed students to create a classy and studious environment; especially the female students. There are significantly more rules that are set towards girls than to boys. Although, public school, Mt. Hood Community College’s (MHCC) dress codes are allowing their students to dress how they would like without harsh and specific rules as they dress themselves everyday. Therefore, LSCCP High School’s dress code is more sexist compared to MHCC’s dress code. Private high schools are known to be strict and have a high success rate after graduation. One of the factors of creating a harsh environment is having strict rules with limitations of what attending student may and may not wear. Many private high schools require uniforms for their students to wear, while others allow casual dressing, but with restrictions. At LSCCP High School, they do not require
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