Pros And Cons Of Hillary Clinton

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The Thoughts of Hillary Clinton

The presidential election is just over a week away, and the further into the race the candidates get, the more important the topics seem to become. One of the hottest topics is health care because it affects every single person in America. Two incredibly important health care subjects that Hillary Clinton has debated and that may affect the outcome are abortion and Obamacare.
Most people would say abortion is a common health care topic, and a pretty serious one. Clinton is pro-choice because she believes that all mothers should be able to make their own decision regarding their pregnancy (Should Abortion be Legal?). While fighting with Trump on this topic, she stated, “I’ve been proud to stand
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Clinton believes that with the right leaders, she can make Obamacare successful (James Passeri). She thinks Republicans should “stop trying to tear down the law” and that they should work more cooperatively (Is Obamacare good for America?). She claimed,"I applaud the Supreme Court's decision to affirm what the authors of the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare] clearly intended and wrote into law: that health insurance should be affordable and available in every state across the country…”(Is Obamacare good for America?). Clinton thinks that with the right leaders and the right training, Obamacare will be successful. She thinks that Obamacare isn’t perfect, but it is indeed working (Is Obamacare good for America?).
Clinton wants to “crack down” on drug facilities that charge overpriced merchandise (James Passeri). If she becomes President, she wants to lower costs of the Affordable Care Act (Is Obamacare good for America?). Clinton said that Obamacare is clearly working because sixteen million people have gained coverage, so she is going to work hard on Obamacare to keep it working (Is Obamacare good for America?).
Clinton clearly thinks that health care is very important. Her focus is on keeping abortion legal and supporting the mother’s right to choose. She also thinks that Obamacare works and will continue to be helpful for many people if she makes some improvements to the system. (Is Obamacare good for
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