Pros And Cons Of Hobbes Commonwealth

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Because of this sake, Hobbes emphasises how it is therefore necessary to the preservation of individuals that there be some one assembly or one man who has the right to arm, muster and unite on each occasion of danger’(Hobbes and Warrender, 1983). Hobbes propose any form of government or social structure needs to be govern by a formation of a commonwealth. The commonwealth as a whole is suppose to embodies a network of associated contracts and provides for the highest form of social organization. On Hobbes’s view, the formation of the commonwealth creates a new, artificial person to whom all responsibility for social order and public welfare is entrusted. This idea of the commonwealth, is someone who will be the final sovereign and is also…show more content…
Firstly, the monarchy where power resides in one final arbitrator which Hobbes strongly supported. Aristocracy where power resides in a group of elitist and democracy where power resides in all people willing to assemble for the sake of government. Hobbes strongly rejects the concept of an ecclesiastical authority and vigorously challenged standard interpretation of scriptures. Hobbes argue how the ‘separation of scripture, religion and faith from reason and philosophy cannot, of course be maintained’ (Google Books, 2016). However, according to Hobbes unequivocally argues that absolutist monarchy is the only right form of government that would be able to consolidate peace and eradicate the concept of fear in the state of nature. Hobbles believed how these were not the only prime reasons why he advocated for a state ruled by the government. For Hobbes, the government is able to intervene and stop people from pursuing selfish desires. Furthermore, he believed in the rule of a king because the monarch interest shares similar interest with the people because his political body is the same as his public body. Secondly, he believed the King is a leader who will not exploit people by abusing his will power to lead the country. Hobbes wrote “all mankind is in a perpetual and restless desire for power”. The idea of monarch shows how one has supreme power, but because they abuse their power, the king is an excellent example to demonstrate how you can have absolute power but maintain it in a positive
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