Pros And Cons Of Home Rule In Cities

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Home Rule in Cities Many cities are granted “home rule” by their states because there is an abundance of small cities that the state and national governments cannot account for. Home rule is essentially a way for cities to create their own set of municipal laws without seeking approval from the governments that rule over them. While the cities can make their rules stricter than the baseline provided by previously existing laws, they cannot have any conflicts with the state or national governments. Freedom of municipal law, when pertaining to the state government, has its pros and cons. One pro is the lack of necessary for the state to review every policy that the city makes. Another is that the cities could work on ways to solve their own problems and allow more of the community’s voices to be heard. A corresponding con is the lack of connection between the cities and states that could further lead to a misuse of power. Also, if the cities feel that there is little to no authority acting over them, they could become power hungry and try to push policies that their communities disagree with.…show more content…
The state overriding any policy that they disagree with on a regular basis could lead to problems when considering political bias; e.g., Texas is usually a republican state, but many of the metropolitan cities vote democratic. A disagreement with policy could simply be the state trying to control their own political agenda. The states should be able to step in whenever the cities policies get extreme and begin to push boundaries, but controlling every policy basically defeats the purpose of home rule. The state governments are accustomed to reviewing large scale policies so, in some cases, the cities do not need a large-scale perspective. There seems to be more harm than good that comes with a strong state
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