Pros And Cons Of Hong Kong Healthcare System

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The Hong Kong healthcare system is known to be divided into two separate sectors: the private sector and the public sector. The public sector, encompassing 90% of inpatient, is the main provider for secondary and tertiary care (HK Food and Health Bureau, 2008). The health care in this sector is subsidized by the government, thus providing equitable access to quality healthcare services to Hong Kong citizens at an affordable cost. On the other hand, private sector includes 70% of outpatient and is the main provider for primary care. It compromises the public sector by providing the public with a variety of specialized healthcare professions such as dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists, etc. However, these services are not subsidized by the government and thus patients are required to pay the full-cost of the service (HK Food and Health Bureau, 2008). The differences between these two sectors have resulted in a concern for the rising issue of the aging population. In 2010, one out of every eight people in Hong Kong were age 65 or over, which is predicted to increase to one out of four by 2050. This rise in aging population will lead to an increase in old age dependency ratio and decrease in labor force in Hong Kong. From a healthcare…show more content…
To the healthcare system aspect, VHIS can play a role in patient shunting action. If the plan successfully implemented and supported, for example through tax incentives to attract the middle class to participate in the VHIS, it can encourage the use of private medical services and help the development of private healthcare market. When increasing the demand for private healthcare market, it is helpful for its long-term development. Because the private health insurance can help the shunting patients to private healthcare market to get full use of the service, and also enhance its financing capabilities to enable sustainable development of private medical

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