Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigrants

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In America, there is a saying of “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” However, what about other countries? Specifically, those who seek sanctuary and asylum from the terrors of their own country? Who will scratch their back? Will we? Most Americans have a rational fear of outsiders who enter the country; particularly those who enter the country illegally. A shortage of jobs, scarcity of housing, and rises in crime are a few of the many fears that Americans have concerning illegal immigrants; however, with the help of the Mutual Friends Program (MFP), those fears can soon be a thing of the past. Immigrants can have a place to stay, work, and gain citizenship all at the same time at any MFP center. This program is sure to help immigrants and U.S. citizens alike. Firstly, Mutual Friends Program (MFP) provides immigrants with a place to live. An MFP Center will be in major cities all over the United States to insure the best location for comfortability for MFP members. At an MFP Center, a hotel-like residency is available to members of the program. MFP members have food served to them in the café which alternate with the time of day (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert). At an MFP Center, immigrants are treated with the absolute best care and hospitality. Living conditions will be inviting due to its amazing personnel and lovely location. Members will be in charge of their own lives whilst living at the MFP Center by being given the independence to go where the
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