Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration has been an ineradicable issue for decades. Hundreds of thousands of hopeful immigrants have illegally entered the United States of America via Mexican border or the Pacific Ocean whilst others entered the country legally through visit visas yet overstayed and found low paying jobs to settle in the United States of America. Illegal immigration has both pros and cons: on one hand, it helps the local economy as illegal immigrants aren’t paid as much as the legal ones but on the other hand they do not fulfill their taxes. The rise of illegal migration observable in the past couple of years is a natural human response to the desperate situation of inability to leave the place where they feel useless. Illegal migration can thus be easily curbed by making legal entry simpler.
People do not always leave their country with a happy and content heart, most likely because they can’t apprehend their future in their own countries which forces them to look for other options but when the legal immigration process takes so long, people try to find shortcuts and loopholes. America is a prosperous nation that attracts immigrants to migrate here and build their future they couldn’t in their own homelands. The idea of deporting all of the illegal immigrants regardless of their background isn’t just unreasonable, its costly and time consuming. The government just can’t go door to door and pull out these immigrants and deport them because this costs an extreme amount of

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