Pros And Cons Of Illegal Street Racing

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Illegal Street Racing: Should It Be Legal or Illegal? Auto racing has became a very popular sport in today’s society. Since the 1950’s things have gotten safer and more advanced. The illegal act of street racing started after World War II when G.I.’s who worked on aircraft and Jeep engines came home and started to work on their own vehicles. It got bigger in the 1920’s when bootleggers would outrun law enforcement from Canada to sell booze in the “dry” states. Street racing started in the Prohibition era when bootleggers would soup up their cars to outrun law enforcement and federal agents to sell booze in the “dry” states from Canada. Bootleggers would upgrade their engines and suspension. Street racing became popular in the 1950’s with C.J. “Pappy” Hart and Creighton Hunter when they founded Santa Ana Drag Strip on an unused runway at Orange County Airport in 1950 (Webster).
Some of the consequences of illegal street racing can be death, jail, losing the car, and get a hefty fine. You could be put in jail or imprisoned for three months or longer depending on circumstances and your car would get impounded for thirty days. The fines could be up to one-thousand dollars. License will be revoked and cancellation of vehicle insurance and drastic increase for premiums. And could have citations for equipment violation and others (Illegal). Therefore, street racing is illegal on all roads and only legal on the track.

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