Pros And Cons Of Illegal Undocumented Immigrants

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Illegal Undocumented Immigrants: what are they? Who are they? What is it? Illegal immigrats are foreign persons who are lacking the right of being an American. They typical enter the states with some sort of status and they over stay their allotted time or they sneak over with out being inspected by the right personnel.
Within the first hundred days of the executive orders being signed the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested over 40,000 undocumented personnel. This a 38 percent increase compared to the results from 2016. In 2016 more than 30,000 undocumented immigrants were caught and arrested. According to Andy Kiersz writer for the Businessinsider quoted “that Ben Gitis and Jacqueline Varas, said that based on an earlier American Action Forum study, the direst cost of dramatically expanding immigration-enforcement agencies and courts to deport roughly 11 million people would already cost the US government an estimated $400 billion to $600 billion dollars.” This is a great amount of money just to send illegal undocumented immigrants back to their perspective place, but it will be well worth it once the wall between the us and Mexico is built. This also will cost a great amount of money but it will help with the amount of illegal immigrants and the crossing of the border. So personally
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It helps the economy: According to supporters, illegal immigrants work for cheaper labor and are often hardworking people because they are saving money to bring back to their families. With more than enough labor force, businesses can increase production and reach their targeted sales. If businesses are booming, it is also good for the economy. Illegal immigrants who work also pay taxes. Undocumented aliens contribute to a richer culture and biodiversity. Deporting these illegal immigrants can cost the government so it is better to let the stay. Some cons on this subject would be The threat of terrorism and
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