Pros And Cons Of Immigrants In The United States

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Do we need immigrants? Immigrants have been helping for decades. Some people say that US would be better off without immigrants but then think about it who is going to help the US through it’s hard times. For many years the United States has tried different ways to get rid of immigrants but so far none of ways have done any major damage.Because immigrants power the US economy by taking low jobs that most people don't really want to do, they work in the fields especially in california to grow food for not only california but for the whole nation, and most foreign workers are smart so they have jobs like doctors, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, etc. Immigration is a purpose of an increasing world that helps promote movement of people, …show more content…

Some are really smart and some have twice the IQ of an average American. “This is not the only time high-skilled immigrants (or "HSIs") have ridden to America's rescue. From the very beginning, the United States has enjoyed a unique advantage held by almost no other country on the planet: the ability to attract and retain a huge number of the world's best and brightest(Adam)”. Immigrants have been helping the united states since the time it came to be. Like Albert Einstein he was a person who helped develop the atomic bomb, and he also developed many theories about the universe. If immigrants were not allowed in the United States than as advance as United States was in during WWII only by itself and no immigrants helping out,like Albert Einstein, then United States would of have survived but many more lives would have been lost and United States would have no nuclear weapons to scare enemies off with right now .“Uncontrolled, illegal immigration puts a damper on infrastructure, creates a job shortages, overcrowded schools and costs American taxpayers billions of dollars annually(Matt)”.Sure it does cost billions of dollars of every year for taxpayers and overcrowded in school, but if that's a small price United States has to pay for geniuses like Albert Einstein, or people who grow most of the food for the United States, or even take jobs that some lazy Americans were not going to take anyway, and use those jobs to power the US economy and also modernize US a little more, than US should give money to immigrants for coming to the US and thank immigrants for thier support and everything they have done over the years for the United States. “A report by the Technology Policy Institute found that visa restrictions kicked out enough foreign graduates of U.S. universities to slice $13.6 billion off of our GDP from 2003 through 2007(Adam)”. The data above shows that if United States had not blocked off so many immigrants,the U.S.

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