Pros And Cons Of Inequality In America

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America, the county, based on the terms of freedom and equality, has been one of the most powerful, advanced and wealthiest nation in the world. Even in my country, located on the other side of the globe, everyone believed that in America, no matter who you were, you were able to achieve anything. The American Dream – “the idea that anything is possible if you work at it hard enough” was deeply believed by every single person (The Economics, 2005). But is this belief a reality and not just a dream? According to some reliable sources, America is suffering from poverty and inequality. As the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) claims, the majority of the nation in the U.S. has a dramatically lower income than the tiny population of America, members…show more content…
The problem is that people are not unequal just in one field of life. Unfortunately, they have difference in many fields. Most importantly - the money. It is clear, that upper class families are wealthier than the poor, low-class families. Besides, they have different incomes as well. As The Economist claims, the income of the top classes has grown significantly much larger than the majority of the population, which happens to belong to middle classes. (The Economist, 2005). About the same problem writes Yglesias. “A wildly disproportionate share of material gains has been captured by a tiny, already rich slice of population”, writes the author. So, it is obvious, that the incomes are unequal through the classes. Unfortunately, this inequality goes beyond money. It appears in the opportunity difference, as well. As Economist describes it, due to some economic changes in the U.S. higher degree education became even more expensive, resulting the fact, that members of low-class became even more unable to attend universities. Besides, as Middle of the Class informs the reader, throughout the years, university degree is becoming more and more essential for better jobs. Thus, because of the lower opportunity of getting a university diploma for low-class families, it is becoming less possible for them to have a successful life. Actually, we have already answered the second question of our first point. The…show more content…
But unfortunately, this is not the only problem. As Locke claims, there exist some stereotypes, which make it even harder for low class-family members to become successful. “She [mother] did things, that poor people aren’t supposed to do”, writes the author (Locke, 2005). Due to the “hard life”, the fact that the poor need to work much more than the others to survive, members of the low-class believe that getting an education is just a waste of time. “Intelligence is scorned within the tanks of the poor”, claims Locke. On the other hand, if you manage to become successful, move up into the class, the attitude of the rich toward you will be different, than the attitude to the members of the same class. In contrast, everybody in the U.S. believes in American Dream – anyone can achieve anything if they work hard
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