Pros And Cons Of K-12 Curriculum

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However the government can’t deny that the K-12 curriculum wasn’t as successful as how they imagined it to be. It encountered a lot of problems and contrarians along the way of its implementation. One main reason for them to oppose the said curriculum is because of its raw planning made by the people in position. These complaints range from the lack of preparedness by the individuals who will be involved up to the insufficient facilities that will be used by the students. According to Teachers Dignity Coalitions (TDC)’s Dela Cerna “We are calling the suspension of K to 12! We need to solve all the problems of the educational system then rigorously plan the new curriculum.” She also added that the government should first focus on the existing problems and if they could not find solutions to it they should not priorities on adding another curriculum. Instead of creating another curriculum that will confuse the educational system of the country they should first provide answers or solutions to current problems. Furthermore, the opposition also gave emphasis to the unpreparedness of teachers in regards with the curriculum. Teachers aren’t ready for this kind of curriculum, courses that they will teach is an integration of both college and high school ideas and…show more content…
There are no facilities for courses such as automotive and baking. A colleague is forced to teach automotive theoretically, without firsthand experiences from the students. In addition, in baking they lack in machines. There has been a machine sent to process dough but this machine is defective. They also lack laboratories for communication subjects and physical textbooks or modules for behavioral science subjects. Despite the budget given to the Department public schools are continuously facing difficulties in handling subject in the senior high school
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