Pros And Cons Of Keeping Animals In Zoos

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November 23, 2015

Ethical Animal-Keeping

Keeping animals in zoos is a long-discussed ethical issue. Some people argue that keeping wild animals in zoos is reasonable, however its intolerable. The animals might be treated poorly. They are taken out of their natural habitat, put into a completely different environment and confront species of animals which they never encountered when they were free. The zookeepers don’t know how to take proper care of the animals. Keeping animals in zoos is unethical because, they can die of stress from seeing humans, they’re endangering species, and the keepers aren’t capable of taking care of them.
One or a couple of animals of a certain species are caught in the wild, then they are put in cages to be transported, often with little air and food, and they arrive at the zoo tired and stressed. Animals are put into another cage to be exploited. In the zoo cages, animals get bored (Lin, Animal Rights expert). They are used to running around in the wild. There is too much stress and pressure put on the animals to take, their heart can’t take as much and this can lead to death ("Should We Keep Animals in Zoos?"). They are encaged for their whole life, in most cases separated from their family. The animals are
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