Pros And Cons Of Killing Another

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The action of killing another is not always for criminal reasons. For example, when your pet gets really old or is struggling to walk or even doesn’t eat just lays down. It’s time to have a talk with the family members about what should happen. You could let it suffer with pain and give it pain reliever or go to the vet and have them put it down for life time sleep. Also, you could have the vets give you the pills and give them to your pet so it helps you get over it faster. Killing another is a justifiable act in some cases like Hunting (for trophy), Assisted suicide, in the case of George and Lennie.

In the case of hunting for a sport a person should always think of pros and cons to it and the pro to this is it can make the population grows. For example “ if people are willing to pay big money to hunt animals, the thinking goes, the private sector has a strong motivation to make sure at least some remain alive”(Ross). This is proved because it can help you realize that the country gets the money and you get a day of hunting rare, wild animals. Also, that if they go and hunt these animals there would
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Slim said “ you hadda George. I swear you hadda. Come on with me. He led George into the entrance of the trail and up toward the highway” ( steinbeck 107). This evidence shows that George had to do it on his own so lennie knew george didn’t want to but had to. Also, shows that george wasn’t ok after wards cause he sat there on the bank stiffly. Another reason is “ “the guys might have think i was in on it. I’m going to go into the bunkhouse. Then, in a minute come out and tell the guys about her, and I’ll come along and make it like I never seen her”( Steinbeck 105). This evidence shows that George went into the bunkhouse and got Carlsons luger so he could find Lennie and kill Lennie himself so that Lennie died
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