Pros And Cons Of Legal Drinking At 21

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Some people believe that the legal drinking age in the United States should be 18 instead of 21. They think this because you can fight for your country and vote that you should be able to drink. Even though these might seem like good points, there are many more reasons the age is set at 21. There is a lot of research behind how alcohol effects kids under 21. There is a lot of safety reasons behind why the age is 21. Last, making is legal for teenagers to drink leads to worse drug use, and younger kids more likely to try it and buy it from teenagers. First there is a lot of research that proves that drinking under the age of 21 is bad for your health. There are many different health problem that can effect someone under 18, weather if it is them drinking irresponsibly, or their body can have bad effects because of it. According to UC Davis Health, “Teen alcohol use can have both acute and chronic ramifications. Problems can include acute poisoning and injuries, or death, caused by impairment, and also chronic brain, heart and liver diseases.” Drinking as a teen has been proven by many health organizations. Drinking as a teen greatly increases you chance of getting a liver disease. When they say it can cause injury or death, which is not a joke and is a terrifying reality. There is an average of 4,300 teenage deaths because of alcohol poisoning. It is proven that teenagers aren’t as responsible as 21 year olds when it comes to alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption hurts
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