Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

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The topic of marijuana use in today’s society is currently a hot topic in both politics as well is in social settings. There are many positives and negatives towards whether or not marijuana should be legalized, as well as medical and recreational pros and cons. This paper will cover the pros and cons of all topics and my personal viewpoint on the topic.
There are a variety of reasons why marijuana should be legalized, mainly for social and law enforcement reasons. Many individuals believe that marijuana is no more harmful than that of alcohol or tobacco on a person’s health. Even though it is classified under Schedule 1 for drug scheduling; meaning that it has high potential for abuse, no medical use, and lack of accepted use. There have been many studies done proving that marijuana in fact does have medical benefits. People with cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, anxiety, suffer from epileptic seizures, and multiple sclerosis have been known to be put at eases from the pain thanks to the effects of marijuana. Individuals with cancer and going through chemotherapy, have claimed that it reduces the pain and nausea associated with the chemo (Loria, 2014). Other reasons are relate to crime and violence. Across the border between America and Mexico, there have been increased illegal selling and buying of marijuana which would significantly decrease with the legalization of the drug. The FBI would also reportedly save about $8 billion annually by not spending money on enforcement on U.S.-
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