Pros And Cons Of Marriage Equality

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We live in America on the land of the freedom, where citizens are promise liberty. Today, I would be explaining the pros and cons of constitutionality of marriage equality. As many things happening in our world, marriage equality has been an issue for many years. Where LGBT community were not allowed to get marry under the law. Is one of the most recognized topic in the United States. Drastically it has caused a mass of controversy among society and the government. Socially there is a part of the world that agrees and others oppose.
First, is Baker V. Nelson the Supreme Court in Minnesota. John Baker and his partner Michael McConnell were applying for a marriage license. Gerald R. Nelson the clerk decline the marriage license. Therefore, the couple decided to file a lawsuit against the clerk. The article, Baker V. Nelson: The Often-Forgotten Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage case. According to the editor Donald Scarinci stated that, in 1972, the Court ruled that a Minnesota same-sex couple had no constitutional right to marry. Both individuals argue that their rights were being violated beneath due process and their equal protection clause under the fourteenth amendment.
Second, The Defense of Marriage Act as referred to DOMA. DOMA was established in Sept 21, 1996. In the article, “The Defense of Marriage Act and the Overextension of Congressional Authority” written by Scott Ruskay- Kidd. It explains that, President Clinton signed into the law the Defense of Marriage Act
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