Pros And Cons Of Mass Adoption By Businesses

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Did you know that there are close to 100 million people using artificial intelligence on a regular basis? You might know them as Netflix's customers. While a sentient, homicidal AI like Kubrick's HAL 9000 and the sentient, homicidal AI robots of The Matrix are still pure fiction, AI tech permeates computers, smartphones and business at large. The reason is entirely practical. AI is extremely good at doing mind-numbing, number-crunching tasks that make our lives easier. The dizzying pace of hardware and software advancement means that AI will only get better over time. So here are a few of our predictions about the state of AI tech in 2022. Mass Adoption by Businesses Software is cheaper than employees. It doesn't need health insurance or…show more content…
You wave your phone at the drone to pay and the transaction is complete. It's a pretty but unrealistic picture. While drone technology is unquestionably cool and advancing fast, it's not advancing that fast. Incidents with driverless cars over the last few years prove that AI navigation has a way to go. On top of which, the flight aspect makes drone navigation even more complex. Everything from power lines and tree branches to birds will be obstacles the drone must deal with in real time. Drone delivery also faces problems with adjusting for packaging weight and size, power consumption, and the inevitable legal hurdles. Parting Thoughts Barring some freak disaster that makes it impossible to use computer technology on planet earth, AI tech is here to stay. By 2022, it will manage countless business processes and mind many of our personal calendars. AI will take over a variety of tedious professional tasks. AI tech will even make drone delivery systems and self-driving cars a reality. We'll just have to wait a little longer for that. Meet Sally specializes in AI-driven meeting scheduling. To learn more about our artificial assistant or to get started, contact us
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