Pros And Cons Of Mass Media

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In this day and age, mass media has become epidemic all around the world. It is one of the most useful essences of human life. Mass media has been evolving through the ancient periods. Even a brief history of media can leave one breathless. The power and speed of technology are humbling. The development of mass media has had a great influence on one’s life, both for the better and for worse. In general, mass media is a means of public communication reaching a large audience, therefore it is everywhere. The long-term exposure to the media has a tendency to influence how people behave and think about the world. It is essential to consider the pros and cons of mass media as it plays a ginormous role in shaping people’s ideas, and also a very prominent role in the lives of everyone. This essay will look at the global perspective, before moving on to discuss the influences of advertising, followed by an analysis of the changes due to peer pressure.

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Let’s take a look in the case of the passing of Singapore’s late founding father. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. In March 2015, Mr. Lee’s time passed and the whole country entered a stage of mourning. While Mr. Lee’s contribution to Singapore was highly respectable and he was already known, it did not take long for others to hear of him through the news and social media. With several netizens using social media to share their grief, it sparked condolences from people all around the world. With that, it epitomizes the power of social media. The news spread like wildfire and, in this case, it was a fire well handled despite certain comments that were unnecessary and unjust. While in the case of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew wasn’t necessarily bad, there have been cases where the power of social media caused netizens to express their anger through the lens of the internet
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