Pros And Cons Of Medical Breaching

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Do you feel safe at the doctors, do you feel protected? You might not be as protected as you would like to think. There was over 112 million medical breaches in 2015, many of them were huge medical providers. Another example of medical breaching is the health records of 14,310,091 individuals which have been exposed or stolen. Last year, the victim count stood at 112,784,979 spread across 226 security breaches, you could have been one of them. Does that change how you feel? Those breaches are why physicians need to be responsible for keeping patient information safe and secure, should be up to date on regulations, and why they need to be on constant alert to breaches. Practices need to have safeguards and need to be on watch for breaches…show more content…
If practices are worried about breaches they could choose to perform a security analysis. A security analysis is analyzing vulnerabilities and threats to the practice's system to safeguard electronic protected health information.“The Language Of The Rule” states that actual dollar amounts will be based on “the nature and extent of the violation, nature of the crime and the extent of the resulting crime.” Which boils down to how far did the information get and who had access to it and then you will be fined accordingly. Practices don’t have much to worry about, because all they have to do is keep their files and security updated and having a backup wouldn’t be a bad idea. The underlying problem is that there is only so much storage space and if it’s a huge healthcare provider, such as BlueCross BlueShield, they have an abundant amount of people to watch over. There are about 4.5 million people who have BlueCross BlueShield in Michigan, and there is a huge possibility of having a breach just because they have such a large clientele. Just two years ago they had a “highly-sophisticated cyber-attack,” which the attackers released 80 million member’s information; they were attacked and there was nothing they could do. This example proves that it’s very difficult to keep patient information secure when there are people who’ll do just about anything to get to this…show more content…
There is so much that can be done to prevent breaches, such as reviewing and verifying your BA’s relationships whenever you change vendors or share levels with a vendor. There are certain levels of fines, such as, not knowing of a breach resulting in one-hundred to 50,000; had reasonable cause to know being $1,000 to $50,000; willful neglect,$10,000 to $50,000; and willful neglect, not corrected from $50,000 to the cap of 1.5 million dollars. Other possibilities for breaches occur when there are new hires that aren’t trained in HIPAA procedure, or in any of the procedures that are used by the
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