Pros And Cons Of Mind Reading

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Imagine in a world were secrecy was no longer a thing, Thun Thun Thun. The whole universe will be exposed. Secrets will be let out! Gossip Girls 2 universe edition. Anyways what would happen to human civilization? Will everyone go against each-other? Will New enemies form. And what would happened if we knew our enemies in war plan. I guess you should keep reading to find out.
Its the year 3017 and high intelligent scientist conducted an experiment to test if the humans mind are capable to read what people are thinking. The universe is expanding with knowledge as we know it, and new forms of technology are ruling the world. Robots have been invented, Hover cars, and Mind reading. Humans are becoming bionic. With mind reading secrets will be
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Anyways the lesson of the story you guys need to know is that no more lying no more escaping from your lies everything will be left out. With an advancement that drastic in human civillization, Mind reading can generate a lot of pros and cons. A con would be we will save energy, power, and money from not using our smart phones. Another con would be we wont spend much time being glued to our screens. A con would be that the earth would become silent, no more people would talk and everyone would just stare. To put that into perspective imagine this, You are at the mall to buy new clothes, you become startled from how everyone is just looking at everyone in such a odd stare. And no one is having any interactions with each other. Several years later after mind reading was invented, it can lead to people forgetting their roots, and learning how to talk. Also imagine seeing the president of the united states in national television just staring at people for an hour without moving, but you would be able to read his mind right. After a while people may start to get bored from this as the hype ends. Anyways thats my What would happened if mind reading was invented? Make sure to leave below what you think would happened if this were
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