Pros And Cons Of Mobile Phones For Young Children

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Cons of Mobile Phone usage in Young Children Time has changed in such an unbelievable way that our life is controlled by technology and devices. Gone are the days, when we had talked about common sense and today the world is moving towards artificial intelligence. Our emotions and thoughts are directly connected to the devices, which we are using. Today our mobile phones are not just phones, but it is also a bank, hotel, Cinema hall and an email box. Our contacts, calendar, dairy and everything is there inside our mobile phone. It plays an inevitable role in our day to day life. Today mobile phones are ruling the world and it has changed the way of our communication. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and mobile phones also have so many drawbacks and the most affected social group is ‘children’. Increased usage of mobile phones creates numerous social issues, health issues and academic issues to our children. At an initial stage, children get attracted to mobile phones through video games and later on an inevitable transition will happen, where they will start exploring all the options available in the device and become an expert user. However, the passion and …show more content…

They believe that this will help the children to learn the art of communication. Children will become familiar with the new trends and ideas of written communication. It will teach the children, how to communicate with different people at the same time.( However, it may be noted that while the kids engage more in mobile communication, they themselves make isolated from the peer groups and society. As the text messaging increases, children’s ability for oral communication and face to face communication will get

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