Pros And Cons Of Net Neutrality

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It is such an amazing feeling when you thought something that would not matter at all, ends up being an important controversy that you end up advocating for. Going into this final project I was not sure on what I would have picked for a controversial topic. My group and I were debating a lot between topics but then ended up going for net neutrality. For me net neutrality was something I have never heard about before, and a lot of my friends and family did not know about net neutrality either. My team members tried to explain to me what net neutrality is, but there words did not stick for me. It was not till when I went into the research that everything came together and made sense.

In a simplified version of what net neutrality is, it is internet service providers being controlled by the FCC and obliges to their rules. The FCC, the Federal Communications Commission run by the government that controls all type of media, phone and tv industries had gained a new head chairman Ajit Pai. The new chairman Ajit Pai, a former lawyer for Verizon has taken action in to trying to remove net neutrality. This has sparked a controversy because net neutrality could affect consumers and businesses. Many people are opposed of this decision and millions of people have spoke up. As of now net neutrality keeps all business equal when it comes to internet access and data, regardless of the content provided. That put all small business and large business on the same playing field and internet
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