Pros And Cons Of Part Time Job

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Part-time jobs become popular among students who need extra money. Many undergraduate students have part-time jobs. Their parents agree that they should find a part-time job to work while studying. In general, many foreign teenagers in other countries often work part-time job. Middleearthnj (2010) said that 80% of the teenagers who had graduated from high school held a part-time job at some time during their school years. However, there are disagreements on students working while studying. Those who are in favor of students should work state that part-time jobs are necessary for some students. They do not only earn money from work, but they also gain more experience that can be used for working in the future. On the contrary, some adults see that part-time jobs give negative effects on students because they cause exhaustion to students, making those learners cannot focus properly on their studies which usually result in failing exams.
Firstly, the part time job that students do is too tough for them.It is the truth for the students who are working in another country because every employer wants their work to have good quality. It is very difficult for the students; for some of them are the new worker and they never have an experience about their job so it is sometimes that students have to
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The students can use their experiences for working in the future. Furthermore, students spend their time with good things which can help make them become good-quality citizens in the future and in our opinion we think it is good for the students who need an experience about working part time job in another country. We realized that when a person is in other social, the one will provide himself to get along with that
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