Pros And Cons Of Partisan Media

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The Biased Partisans American journalism has always played both sides of the fence for the American people. In regards to that, news media is always for the people, however for different reasons. One is to make money, and two is to provide the American people with the accurate information of national and international affairs. As a result, partisan news media has become realistically the only choice of news with the big five owning most of the corporations. The discussion amongst scholars is that partisan news makes for more of an engaged citizen, on the other hand it creates bias due to the lack of correlation of intertwining ideas. Taking into consideration both sides of the argument, one thing remains true that there is a correlation between the great divide and the big five partisan news medias. Partisan news has recently become under scrutiny for the biasness that they hold. With CNN being exposed for their fake news and their relentlessness to undermine Trumps presidency. Despite this embarrassment, there have been some pros proclaimed by an author in the article, Public Opinion and the Media: Is Partisan Media Exposure Bad for Democracy? Sides believes that partisan news doesn’t create polarize news rather they attract already polarized people (Sides 5). Additionally, Sides states that partisans are the ideal citizens in our democracy (6). With this being said, Sides believes he is onto some correlation between partisan news and participation amongst citizens.
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