Pros And Cons Of Planned Parenthood

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There are over 650 Planned Parenthood health centers across the United States, yet not everyone will receive the help they need. Planned Parenthood has been helping women take care of their bodies and take control of their lives since 1916. For so many people, topics like birth control and abortion are taboo and this should not be an acceptable way to live. This world is so new and needs to be a place where women can make decisions about their bodies without concern or judgement from others. Despite all Planned Parenthood does to help not only women, but everyone who walks through their doors, many people wish to shut it down. Defunding Planned Parenthood would do nothing but harm the United States. There is clearly huge controversy and strong opinions surrounding Planned Parenthood, but those who are against it do not truly know what they are fighting against. Only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood services are abortion, so what happens with the other 97 percent? Planned Parenthood offers basic wellness check-ups, birth control, STD and STI testing, and cancer screenings. “...the heart of what Planned Parenthood does has nothing to do with abortion” (Nixon). All of these services can be life changing and life saving. It’s easier to go to a clinic like Planned Parenthood vs a traditional doctor because patients can walk right in. Plus there are services offered at Planned Parenthood that are not offered at other health centers. General practice clinics are not equipped for STD screenings or family planning services like Planned Parenthood clinics are (Zernike). So many people are caught up in their feelings about abortion that they will not acknowledge how beneficial Planned Parenthood is for myriads of people. Some people have a difficult time getting access to the information they need. This can be due to family situations or where a person lives. Neither of these factors should determine if a person can gather information to help themselves. Planned Parenthood has tons of information online and in their clinics available to everyone. There is nothing to be ashamed of when going to a Planned Parenthood location and that’s their whole point. People deserve to have the chance to live a
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