Pros And Cons Of Policing

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Policing is a job that is displayed in media daily through reality crime shows, the news, and dramatized Television, but what does a police man really do. I talked with a lifelong friend and thirty-one-year cop, Rene Calderon to figure out what being a police officer is truly about. As well as being a Sargent for the HPD airport division, Rene has five brothers that are all also police officers. All together the brothers have 200 combined years in police work under their belt. In our interview we discussed the pros and cons of policing, what the long-term policing career is like, and what true policing is versus the way the medias portrays it, and the future of polcing these main points helped me get a firm grasp on what policing is truly…show more content…
Rene said that the routine can become a problem for police officers if they do not have time have good time management and take initiative to do policing duties. “The scariest part of policing is that an any moment you could be in a fight for your life. (Rene Calderon)” The final pro was the fact that an officer is putting their life on the line and can be killed during his work. He told me how a normal arrest, traffic stop, routine part of the job can be a fight for survival. I feel this is one of the most important things to think about when choosing to become an officer; are you willing to lay down your life? This question may detour many from becoming an officer and is a big con to the job.
While there are a lot of cons, there are a lot of pros as well. The job can get unrewarding, but Rene talked about how one person make show him gratitude and that can make up for all the ungratefulness he receives.” The times you make a difference in someone’s life by taking them from an abusive home, protecting them and their family or just doing something small is what really makes up for it all. (Rene Calderon)” While the routine and monotony can be difficult, the freedom that comes with that is also a really great thing in policing. He talked about how the openness of the job and the discretion is great. An officer may see someone doing something wrong, but they can
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