Pros And Cons Of Pre-Clinical Trials On Animals

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Abstract Pre-Clinical trials are needed before clinical trials can be carried out. It is a process whereby the feasibility, toxicity and safety of the drugs is tested on animals and collected. In this term paper, we will be talking about a few pros and cons of pre-clinical trials. The objective of this paper is to discuss about the pros and cons of pre-clinical trials on animals. 1. Introduction Pre-Clinical trial is a series of experiment carried out on animals to test the feasibility, toxicity and safety of the drugs prior to human usage. This means that through the analysis of the animals’ responses to the drugs, data are collected. After sufficient data are collected clinical trials can then be carried out on human. Pre-clinical trials are required as it might be unethical and inhuman to carry out clinical trials on humans without knowing the side effects of the drugs. Some of the side effects might cause serious injuries, paralysis or even death to the consumers if pre-clinical trials are not carried out. This paper will cover several pros and cons of pre-clinical trials. It will first explain the pros of pre-clinical…show more content…
This is because animal rights are being compromised for the benefits of humans. During pre-clinical trials animals are tortured and then euthanised. For example, the Draize eye test, chemicals are instilled onto the conjunctiva and cornea of the animals such as rabbits (Wilhelmus, 2001). The animals are restrained to prevent them from reacting naturally to the irritation. At the end of the experiment, the rabbits suffer from bleeding, ulcer and blindness and they are usually killed after the experiment. Due to this problem, people are debating about the use of animal in medical research because animal-rights extremists and anti-vivisectionists find that animal experimentation is cruel and unnecessary (Festing & Wilkinson, 2007). Thus before experiment can be carried out, permission must be

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