Pros And Cons Of Probation And Probation

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At times it is best to have an understand of the terms, probation and parole, to know exactly what offenders face when placed on community supervision, because to me it means the same, as the offender would call it being placed on papers.

Probation - where through the courts, the offender is put on supervised stipulations in the society or community through a probation organization, instead of imprisonment. However, a few probationers are required to serve a small percentage of their time incarcerated followed by a probation period, called a split confinement. Depending on their probationary status, some may be required to report to their agency with fines added to their conditions and some may not have to report. At anytime the offender’s violate the condition terms of his probation it could result in incarceration.

Parole - given to the criminal guilty parties who are restrictively discharged from a incarceration confinement facility to serve the rest of their sentence back in their community. Detainees might be discharged to parole either by a parole board or as indicated by provisions of a statute (required discharge/mandatory parole). Like probationers, depending on their parole status some may be required to report, but have different ways of reporting. They are also under conditions and if not met can end up back in prison.

According to Kaeble & Bonczar (2016), the Bureau of Justice reported information on offenders under group supervision while on post trial
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