Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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America’s justice system relies on beliefs that are essential to an individual's safety. Laws are broken everyday, yet they have the meaningful purpose to ensure an individual's rights. Although policies have the intend to keep the public safe; they are not to be followed in all cases. New York’s ‘’stop-and-frisk’’ inquires a police official to briefly stop any suspect and call for random searches on city streets. Random searches are not consented by the people who bring the distrust and trepidation to many. Arguably this policy is meant to decrease criminal rates but they often fail to realize that there is always alternatives to induce violence. In other words this law is only fostering the act of racial profiling, it disrupts the fourth amendment and permits law enforcement to abuse their power due to the unlawful actions of authorities, for this reason ‘’stop-and-frisk’’ should be voided.
As it stands, racial profiling is one of the many negatives the policy embraces while it also reminds many of the harsh times America lived in aswell. In 1964, congress passed the civil rights movement; Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the top leading advocates for nonviolent social change. Him and many activists fought long and hard to risk their lives in the name of freedom and equality for all. New York’s infamous ‘’stop-and-frisk’’ promotes the disturbance of natural rights. In 2016, out of 12,404 stops: 52% were blacks, 29% were latinos, and only 9% were white. This is a law
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