Pros And Cons Of Random Eugenics

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There is clear evidence in the news everyday, our population is sinking in a pool of poor genetics and the average intelligence level is sinking to new lows. Not only is there a lack of common sense, but there is the inability for many American citizens to even learn basic responsibilities of daily living. Shootings, mass destruction, sexual abuse, and the deterioration of society as a whole is the current national status. There are no control mechanisms on the population. There are too many people living and producing more of themselves in the United States. There are too many individuals who cannot care for themselves financially, physically or emotionally, who then drain away resources that could be put to better use. Selective reduction…show more content…
The state can exercise itś authority in a eugenic manner in a variety of ways, including by (1) Enacting laws that directly or indirectly influence human reproduction; (2) adjudicating legal disputes that involve human reproduction; (3) providing or withholding financial benefits for activities that affect human reproduction; and (4) authorizing or prohibiting conduct, through licensing, regulation and other means, that affect human reproductions.¨ (Daar 34) ¨ Passage of the 1924 immigration law is but one example of the support the ¨Science of Selective Breeding¨ received at the federal level. Every president from Theodore Roosevelt, to Herbert Hoover was a member of a eugenic organization, publicly endorsed eugenic laws, or willingly signed eugenic legislation. Theodore Roosevelt was particularly outspoken in his admiration for procreation controls, referring often to the country´s ¨race destiny¨, which he feared was doubly threatened by the onslaught of inferior immigrants, and the failure of old -stock Americans to reproduce to an adequate rate.¨…show more content…
When parents are seeking alternative ways of becoming pregnant, it is not uncommon to create anywhere from fifteen to twenty embryonic children, and then through a process of selective reduction or the eugenic practice of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, to kill all but one or two of those children.” (Beck 274) This is the beginning of the new wave of eugenics. Since the Supreme Court of the United States have confirmed the parent’s rights to terminate all unwanted embryos, it is only logical that the next step will be new legislation involving more of the population, willing or
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