Pros And Cons Of Rap Music

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Music and Media satisfies the human world in many ways, it can vary from listening to music as it is or catching up on a tv episode that was missed. Although these two surround us in everyday lives, as mentioned previously, it comes with its downsides as well which corresponds to many topics to have in mind. The fact that music is widely popular and is used every day, one needs to take in mind as well the messages that are being expressed throughout the song. Relating to one of the most popular genres listened to, rap. Although it may be enjoyable at times, it consistently uses explicit content in the music that relates to wrong actions such as violence, crime, drugs, etc. In the article, Changing Images of Violence…show more content…
Most of the sub-topics displayed and the authors of the resources adequately come together well enough for the reader to comprehend the writing. The reason being, they are spread throughout the writing to give the titles of each paragraph more meaning and gives support to the ethos. Not only does it give meaning, but it also creates a connection to the layout of each paragraph more in depth simultaneously. Unfortunately, when a certain topic is being explained and one undergoes a different path, it doesn’t not fit together. Throughout the writing there is a minor resource that doesn’t not fit with the ethos of the author. The author’s ethos expresses the cons from rap music, but also adds a resource that specificities about child abuse. On the other hand, rap and child abuse particularly in this scenario have nothing relatable because the writing doesn’t add as to much detail on how it affects children, Therefore, this was resource that wasn’t needed which caused this to have minor landslide, nonetheless, everything all fitted in. Likewise, the only piece of information that I would personally add to the ethos relating to change in behavior, is what year did people start to notice others mood change and perhaps add information about people talking about how rap music changed their personality before and after. All in all, the author demonstrated well from the

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