Pros And Cons Of School Uniform Policy Should Be Compulsory In China

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Most of the elementary, middle and high schools in China have mandatory school uniform policy. It requires every student to wear the same school uniform everyday bought from one’s school. Today, School uniform policy has become a culture phenomenon because it has been carried since the new China is found in 1949. Since it is a policy that is set up almost seventy years ago, it is necessary to question if it still fit today. As a Chinese student who went to school in China for more than 15 years, I had been restricted to this policy and have realized its disadvantages. Although the mandatory school uniform policy’s intention was to protect students from classism and danger outside the school, its shortcomings have become more and more obvious. Should mandatory school uniform policy be abolished in Chinese schools? Although many people disagree with this idea, I argue that school uniform requirement in China should be optional instead of mandatory. China is no longer the feudal dynasty where everyone was forced to wear one’s hair in a long pigtail. To most people living in China today, they first impressions on a person they meet the first time are determined by the person’s appearance. As Anderson mentions that “Results leave no doubt that physical appearance is an important variable in the perceiver’s judgment of such things as an individual’s character or abilities” (1). However, for most Chinese students in primary, middle as well as high schools, they have already lost the ability to present themselves appropriately, let alone elegantly, for years and years wearing the same mandatory school uniforms. School ought to be a land in which diversity is prompted; a place where the ability to individuality is encouraged. Apparently, mandatory school uniform policy not only prevents these purposes, but it has also made Chinese students comparable to the exact same products from factories assembly line. We need schools that not just teach students math and English, but also honor the sense of beauty. Moreover, the designs of mandatory school uniforms in most schools in china failed to reflect the fashion of new era. In fact, they do not have any sense of fashion at all. Since 1990s, sport style uniforms have become

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