Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Should students wear school uniforms? This is a topic that has been thoroughly argued, yet to no prevail on either side. I believe school uniforms overall impact children and the education community negatively. There are many strong reasons to turn down this policy. These include how the uniforms effect the children and their learning, the sneakiness behind school administrations who utilize this system, and how the children feel about the uniforms. First, is how the uniforms affect the children in a negative way. I know a family just a few houses up the street whose kids go to a Catholic school. Religion set aside, they have to wear uniforms to school. Often I see them getting out of the car, ripping off their bows and ties with a sort of disgust. My friend from that family, Aaron, states on the topic,”They are uncomfortable, which actually distracts me more from learning and paying attention.” This shows how school uniforms affect the learning environment negatively and impact children in a negative way. Everyone has heard the phrase,”if you get hurt it’s your own fault.” But what if you never get the chance to be hurt? You’ll never learn. It’s the same way with something as simple as clothing. If children wear vulgar clothing to school then you can talk to them and tell them it’s wrong. It is bad preparation for the real world if we are telling children what to do, rather than letting them learn to better prepare themselves for the real world. Next, is the sneakiness behind the administration and their altered statistics. Long beach California is a town that incorporates school uniforms into their schooling. The district claims the academic success and low violence rates are due to the school uniforms. They did leave out the other improvements in their districts including, promotion of conflict resolution, peer mediation, and parental involvement. The superintendent of this district made a comment to the Harvard Education Letter stating,”It is really hard to know exactly what is causing the positive effect.” This shows how districts are hiding other information to promote how well uniforms fix problems when in reality, it could be many things. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Southern

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