Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Over the past couple of years, there has been an ongoing debate about whether students should wear uniforms. There are some people who believe that it does have an influence on students as far as improving grades or behavior. Opposing arguments say that students wearing uniforms restricts them from expressing their individuality. Wearing uniforms should be a requirement in public schools. The reason why students should have to wear uniforms is that it helps focus more on learning rather than clothing, uniform apparel can be less expensive than casual clothing, and it reduces violence in schools. School uniforms are specific types of clothing. It usually is a polo shirt and pants ranging from specific colors depending on which school a student attends. For girls, it could be a shirt and skirt, along with a blazer. For boys, it could be a shirt with pants with a suit jacket and a tie. Along with uniforms, there are certain dress codes that a student must follow. Dress codes are guidelines for a student’s clothing. For uniforms, it could range from wearing specific colors or having clothing that has the school’s logo on it. The colors may coordinate with the school’s colors. Also, the clothing may have to be a certain length and shirts may need to be tucked in. Students who are wearing uniforms helps focus more on learning and not what someone is wearing. The Ocala Star Banner is an online local newspaper in Florida that is run by GateHouse Media, LLC. Jamie N. Jones is a retired school teacher who lives in Florida. She has firsthand experience with children who had to wear uniforms during her time as a teacher. In an article for Ocala Star Banner, author Jamie N. Jones argues that “Uniforms would encourage “team spirit” and a common identity, and they would eliminate the distraction “statement” clothing encourages.” In other words, uniforms would not cause a scene during learning and it can also boost morality in schools. If a student is worrying more about what kind of clothes he or she needs to wear to stand out, it could cause him or her to not to do well in school. In an article called “Uniforms – Are They a Good Fit?”, Marsha Boutelle interviews Judy Hunt-Brown. Hunt-Brown is a principal at Maeola R.

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