Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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No to the school uniforms Have you ever felt like you couldn't express yourself because of your school? Well that’s what school uniforms do, the uniforms don’t allow you to express yourself and be yourself. When you have uniforms in school it causes more trouble for the school, the students, and the students parents. So, everyone loses when there is uniforms required in schools. If there were to be school uniforms, then it would be a hassle with getting the uniforms. Also with the whole process of getting the uniforms would be complicated. Schools should not require students to wear school uniforms because the students won’t be able to express themselves or be creative through their clothes, another reason is because the uniforms are expensive, and the third reason is because it could give the school a bad name.
The first reason why schools should not require school uniforms is because they don’t allow you to express yourself or be yourself. Students generally express themselves through their clothing and if there is school uniforms it takes that choice and creativity away. Students should be given the choice to pick what they want to wear as long as it follows the dress code regulations. A dress code should be enough, as long as students follow the dress code regulations there should be no need for uniforms. Also when a student can’t be expressive through their clothing then it can cause a decrease in their self confidence over themselves. So, school uniforms should not be required at schools, it cause students to be self conscious and takes away creativity.
The second reason is because the uniforms are expensive. If a school requires uniforms then it will take money from the school and the parents who have to buy the uniforms for their kids. The uniforms are going to be a complicated process and it would be very expensive for the school uniforms. The uniforms will take a long time to ship, and when they finally get to the school the school will have to pay the money for the uniforms. So, the school is losing money that could have been spent on something more useful. Also when the school requires uniforms the parents have to waste their money on the uniforms. So, the uniforms waste money that could have

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