Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Not only all private schools but also all public schools should have school uniforms. This is a highly talked about topic that should be addressed. Some high schoolers have a very low self esteem because of their clothing with school uniforms that problem can be reduced. School uniforms also make school more affordable for parents or guardians because they do not have to go clothes shopping for school. With school uniforms students focus on their school work and grades more that their clothing. School uniforms are a good decision and not only does it benefit your kids it benefits you too. There are many students that go to school with low self esteems and thinking that they are not as good as others just because of their clothing. This problem could be reduced for many kids with school uniforms. Example a school in southern California made it mandatory for all student “k-8” to where a school uniform. From 1933 to 1995 the conduct had major improvement after going to school uniforms (Riley). That is a fact showing that school uniforms have an impact of student life. Another highly talked about topic is bullying, bullying can come from many things but one of the reasons student pick on other students is because of their clothing. With school uniforms every student will not have to worry about having the name brand clothing which means that puts all students on a level field. So if all kids are dressed the same that would decrease a big problem known as bullying and would also increase students self esteem. Not only do school uniforms make students feel better about themselves but they also make it easier on the parents or guardians. There are many students that attend public schools with parents that either just make the cut with income or under it. When students need new cloths it is expensive to buy these days. With school uniforms parents do not even need to worry about how much they're gonna spend on clothing. “According to a 2013 survey from the National Association of Elementary school principals, 77 percent of respondents estimated the average cost of school uniforms per child, per year, was $150 or less” (Ingram). By the showing of that survey proves that school uniforms are not only

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