Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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New Orleans has the highest amount of schools with a school uniform policy in the US. Some schools nowadays have their kids wear school uniforms, there are some positive to this. As most kids are bullied, having them in a uniform can help them not get bullied. Even though there can be positives, there are more negatives to having kids wear school uniforms. Schools shouldn’t require their students to wear a school uniform because kids have individual tastes and different body types, it takes away their freedom to express themselves, and uniforms can be costly. “I don’t believe we were put here with all of our differences to conform to a uniform state of mind.”- unknown. Firstly, everyone likes different styles of clothes, you can’t put them in a uniform and expect them to be okay with it. Teens pick the clothes they wear to match their sense of style, taking that away from them can make them feel worse about themselves because of the way the uniform looks on them. In addition, most teens look different, they all have different body types. The uniform would fit each person differently and on some it wouldn’t fit right because they have a different body type then who the uniform was intend for. Furthermore, kids and teens pick clothes that fit their body type and their sense of style. To conclude since everyone has different tastes and different body types it wouldn’t be fair if you subjected them to a uniform and take away their individual freedom. According to

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