Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Many Independent school districts have debated, whether students should wear school uniforms. Deliberating, how school uniforms could benefit not only the student but the school’s environment. According to the National Center for Education statistic 20% of all public-school use school uniforms and still increasing. Considering all grade levels, the proponents agree that school uniforms are a great idea, believing this would be another step toward creating a better learning environment, decrease violence in schools and create a great social path between students. However, the opponents disagree school uniforms are not a great idea, believing it may cost more money, students would be uncomfortable and create more chores for the parents to manage. The proponents say that having school uniforms is a great idea, it would create a better learning environment. Students would be more focus on their school work rather than the fashion trend, not feeling pressured to buy certain clothing so they can belong to a certain clique. This would cause less absences and tardiness, because the student will want to come to school without having anxiety about not fitting in. Also having school uniforms could prevent violence in school, being able to identify who belongs to the school and who doesn’t. Giving students more security at school, intruders wouldn’t easily walk in and not be spotted by school attendance. The uniforms would create less division among students, gangs would
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