Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Did you know that about twenty-three percent of public and private schools in the United States today issue a school uniform policy? Statistics demonstrate that about $1,300,000,000 is spent annually on school uniforms and that parents personally spend about $249 on average to purchase school uniforms for their children (Statistic Brain, 2017). I find many students and parents complaining about school uniforms and the encumbrance that they impose on households. While the teachers and principals of these schools claim that school uniforms grant classes a decent appearance, there are also several pros present for allowing students to dress as they choose. First, enabling students to wear what they personally select grants them their unalienable freedom of choice and allows them to develop self-confidence. Second, it is quite beneficial for students who do not possess enough money to purchase school uniforms. Third, it allows students to make independent choices and not to depend on the school to offer them attire that may not be right for them. If schools permit students to dress as they prefer, then students would enjoy more freedom in creativity, in finances, and in feeling independent. Allowing students to dress as they choose promotes their unalienable freedom of choice. Rather than having all students blending in with one another, students should dress in the attire that they feel comfortable in wearing. If they wear what they individually select, they may feel relaxed physically in them and socially among their peers. Having the freedom of choice in dressing allows students to develop an elevated sense of self-confidence in class and allows them to focus better on the material that the teacher is giving instead of how comfortable they are in their uniforms or how they appear before the eyes of their classmates. It is also quite beneficial to promote the freedom of choice in dressing for students who may not possess enough money to purchase school uniforms. These students may encounter obstacles or may not be allowed to attend the class altogether, which would abduct their unalienable right to receive an education. If students are allowed to dress as they choose, they would not have to worry about

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