Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Can you believe that only 12% of high schools wear school uniforms, while 20% of elementary school wear school uniforms (Lake). When they have schools require school uniforms, the students are suppose to dress the same everyday to look unified with one another. Uniformity, feeling uncomfortable, and the First amendment protections should convince others against requiry of school uniforms.
Now, school uniforms are mainly found in private or parochial schools rather than public schools, but some public schools still initiate uniforms. Washington D.C. and Maryland were the first places for schools to wear uniforms. School uniforms for males usually consist of a collared shirt with ties and dress pants, while the color of the clothing will depend on the school you go to. Females typically wear collared shirts and ties with a skirt or pants. However, not all schools with uniforms wear clothes like this, but this is what is generally worn under school uniforms rules (“Dress Codes Versus School Uniforms”).
Before finding out the pros and cons about uniforms, here is some information about dress codes. Typically, if schools do not have school uniforms, then most of the school has some kind of dress code that pertains to their specific needs. Dress codes are typically found in public school, public schools are usually more lenient than private or parochial schools. In most dress codes you can wear any type of clothes, but it has to follow the rules that the school has instituted. Schools have dress codes to keep the safety of the students. If students do not follow the rules of the dress code and go against it, then the student will often be ask to take it off, or face bad consequences (“Dress Codes Versus School Uniforms”).
Although there are different dress codes around the world, let's take a closer look into the dress code at Forest City High School. At Forest City they believe that how you dress go hand in hand with how you perform. The students are suppose to wear something that is appropriate for the grade that the student is in. A couple rules are, the straps on your shoulders must be at least two finger wide; therefore, you cannot wear shirts that go too low in the front or back part of your body, and on the

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