Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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There has been a big controversy over a particular subject around the world. This particular subject is one that has been debated over by many schools and people, including parents, teachers, and students. It is also one that has been a topic of essays and articles for years. If you haven’t guessed what this particular subject is by now, well, too bad. Just kidding. Some people may say school uniforms lessen absenteeism, while others may say that is not necessarily true. My school does not have school does not have school uniforms- all it has is a dress code that describes what not to wear. In my opinion, schools should have school uniforms. This is because of a variety of reasons. One is that school uniforms give a sense of equality. Another is that school uniforms keep students concentrated on their work. Finally, school uniforms increase student safety and decrease crime. First and foremost, school uniforms give a sense that everyone is equal. Keith Metcalfe, deputy headmaster of Harrow School, states, “Like so many things at Harrow, our uniform is a great leveller… Whatever they bring to the Hill, they all come together on equal footing, to be identified and judged by their character and contribution alone.” The point that Metcalfe is trying to make is that school uniforms give people a sense of equality. He also claims that students are/should be judged only by character and contribution. These two points are very important because it shows that students should not be judged by their physical appearance, but by who they are inside. This might lessen tension between students and stop physical violence. No man is greater than another- people have their own talents, and all people are equal. School uniforms stress that. Second of all, school uniforms keep students concentrated on work, not clothing. In 2008, Hillary Clinton said, “Take that [clothing choices] off the table and put the focus on school, not on what you're wearing.” Through this sentence, Hillary Clinton is trying to tell us not to focus on clothes, but on schoolwork. School uniforms can help with this- students do not have to choose or think about clothes. This can be very helpful when studying or doing schoolwork- it can be done quickly

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