Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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In past years, school uniforms have been an obligation for private schools only, however; the percentage of public schools requesting uniforms is increasing rapidly. Many public schools endorsed school uniforms after then-President Bill Clinton sustained uniforms in his 1996 State of the Union address: “I challenge all our schools to teach character education, to teach good values and good citizenship. And if it means that adolescents will stop fighting each other over designer clothing, then our public schools should be able to request their students to wear school uniforms.” In statistics it shows,” since 1999 the percentage of all U.S. public schools enforcing dress codes increased by 11.1% by 2014” School uniforms have been a rising major debate for years. Most schools say that by wearing uniforms it will make the school more united, but the only thing they do is bother students, and make parent’s spend a lot of money. School uniforms limits students individuality and they don’t improve a student’s behavior. Therefore, school uniforms should be banned. Despite the fact, students cannot do whatever they want at school, they still have some rights. Parents, should you really be allowing school districts to limit your children’s freedom of expression? The clothing a student chooses to wear demonstrates who they are and who they want to be, the school board shouldn’t take that freedom away from students. This is taking a kid’s freedom of expression, this is violating
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