Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Schools

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School uniforms are becoming a very popular trend in public schools. Many people have different viewpoints on the school uniform policy. Some parents protest the decision of school uniforms. According to the New York paper on September 6, 2017, many Americans stood outside of a school screaming “let my kid be himself.”(The downside of school uniforms) A School uniform is a controversial issue in America because people disagree about whether or not students should be required to wear uniforms in public schools. Public schools should not be allowed to require students to wear uniforms due to the financial burden for the less fortunate families. According to Toby helm on Saturday, 3 September 2011 “He says there is clear evidence that the costs to families are rising as schools become more demanding – and as more local authorities withdraw financial support for children moving from primary to secondary school.”(The guardian [2]) Many families do not have the money to go out and buy a school uniform and turn back around and buy casual clothes to wear on the weekends. Some kids get their school clothes at a consignment shop or hand downs from siblings, now how is that far to make people go buy expensive uniforms when there is no need to. Many schools are promoting the school uniform policy. Many parents cannot just send their kid to school without the uniform, so overall it’s like the school district is making you pay for uniforms when in all honesty there is no way to fit the

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