Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Schools

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This not only affects how students perceive themselves but additionally shows what will happen if school uniforms are prohibited in all schools. Students will get bullied because of what they are wearing. This could affect how they perform socially but academically. If schools made a requirement to have school uniforms. Then this could help students worry less about their appearance and more about their education. Many studies are showing that if students are allowed to wear what they want they can wear clothing that harmfully threatens other individuals. Even though the first amendment states freedom of expression and individual should not have to criticized for being different.
Recent research govern by an article states “The goal of most dress codes is to discourage inappropriate dress and cut down on distractions in the classroom.”( Lindsay). This is stating schools are merely worried for their students. Perhaps it being that teaches remember what it was for that at the age and what went on through their heads. In some schools such as Biglerville High School in Pennsylvania a principal is trying to protect their students images and how they receive them self in everyday life by stating "Gentlemen ..." said the letter, "PULL YOUR PANTS UP! Your underwear choices should be your own private choice and remain private." As for the girls, it counselled, "No bellies showing ... Please remember as you select an outfit for the awards assembly that we don't want to be
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