Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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The argument I am looking to convey to the audience is that requiring high school students to wear uniforms should be overturned allowing students to wear what they want. The reasoning behind this argument is lack of proof that it lessens the chances of getting bullied, strips young adolescents of their individuality, and creates a competitive market for parents to have to in essence spend more money than save. There was the desired goal of creating the school uniform policy to put an end to bullying. However, that vision has yet to come to fruition with the reality being the policy is adding more negatives than visible positives. These aspects highlight why grade schools K-12 should cease with the requirement for students to have to wear uniforms. Schools sought out to fight the war against bullying with the idea that having fewer differences in dress code would slow down or end bullying. This simply is not the case. Bullying is a universal happening that is predicated on the behavior of students toward their peers, not the clothes they wear. This could occur over a number of different reasons none corresponding with what the students wear. In addition, students still can choose different name brand forms to their uniform choices therefore, there still remains the disconnect in regards to stopping bullying through what the students are allowed to wear. The conclusion on this matter is that with schools taking away clothing options privileges it only succeeds in establishing new tactics for bullies to employ instead of abolishing bullying altogether. The second point of this argument revolves around the notion that stripping kids from wearing what they want to wear takes away their freedom and individuality. Clothes can be an expression of one's personality and creativity. Taking away these attributes are essentially stripping away the very fabric of their need to be different and adverse to their peers. While bullying is a serious matter in today's society there are other methods that can be instilled that still allows students to be individuals and express themselves through their various outfits. As Hall of Fame NFL player, Deion Sanders famously states, "You look good you feel good, you feel

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