Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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School uniforms have been around for a long time in k-12th grades along with even some colleges, while most private schools have uniforms, now some public schools are trending toward uniforms as well. There are two sides to this argument, with pros and cons to both. I have interviewed Dale Patnode, Kelly Patnode and Patricia Patnode, they bring a first hand experience with what uniform show and what they do for students. Dale Patnode went to catholic schools throughout his whole life, experiencing uniforms his k-12 career and graduated in 1974. In his interview He stated “I wore uniforms all throughout my schools years at Catholic grade schools as well as when I attended Columbus. At that time we were required to wear collared…show more content…
Dress codes only force upon you the good habits your parents should have shown you, and if they didn’t, now it is catch up time to enter the real world of school, business, and relationships. Kelly went to public schools up until high school, she graduated in 1981. She had experience with not having uniforms, and having to wear them in high school. Due to the expectations of Kelly's mother, she dressed nice when she attended public schools. She could rarely wear jeans or clothes that her mom considered disrespectful. After 8th grade Kelly switched to catholic schools where they inforced uniforms. At Columbus, she wore a uniform skirt and the blouses or top had to be white with a pointed collar, different grades had different colored skirts. She remembers it was difficult to find white shirts with pointed collars. She also remembers being called into the principal’s office several times because her nicely pressed blouse had a rounded collar. Teachers would send the students to the office if they were “out of uniform” which included a rounded collar on a blouse. Kelly thought it was easier to pick out something to wear each day for school with the dress code at Columbus, but the strictness of the dress code was a little “over the top.” She thinks clothes were more expensive back then when she went to school because there were not as many discount stores, unlike now when having a uniform is less costly than having to buy trendy clothes

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