Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Why do parents send their kids to school? Of course, the answer to this question is to learn and socialize while having fun at the same time. But with the increased marketing and commercialization of celebrity-endorsed or branded-clothing and other youth-related products, these days getting ready for school, going to school, or staying in school is a challenge for students and parents. There is an increased pressure of keeping up with the dresses and appearances, especially for the students in schools with no uniforms. As a result of this increased pressure, students are constantly comparing and measuring themselves to their peers to fit in instead of focusing on education. All this constant comparison and measuring in turn results in behavior problems and violence related to clothing. In fact, the focus on fashion and appearance is so much that the true purpose of going to school is getting lost. In other words, with students placing greater value on dresses and appearances, there seems to be an increase in dress-related behavioral problems and violence in schools, and the best solution is to reduce such occurrences is to implement school uniforms. Before one considers how implementation of school uniforms will help, one needs to realize that clothing-related behavioral problems and violence does exist and is becoming a major problem, especially in schools where there are no school uniform policies, and threatening students’ success in school. As Keith A. King mentions in

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