Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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The assessment of the debate of whether children should wear school uniform is one that has been in existence for a long time. The adoption of uniform rules had been considered as a means of stopping children from dressing in gang colors in most of the troubled urban areas. Later, there were assertions that the introduction of school uniforms resulted in better discipline, and while the results of these students improved, an issue that encouraged different districts as well as schools to implement the change. However, issues that support the desire not to have uniforms in the school persuade me into supporting those who argue against the introduction of the uniform policy. One of the assertions by the proponents of the school uniform policy is that it leads to the creation of a desirable feeling of belonging to an institution for the students wearing the uniform. The assertion is wrong, however, as making the wearing of uniforms by the students will only lead to the hampering of the students’ original thinking. Compelling children to subscribe to a certain way of thinking hampers their independence in the future, where they will be unable to make their opinions without the assistance of others effectively. Everyone has a right to individuality, making one's decisions, and expressing their personality (Wilken, Ilani, & Van Aardt, P 159-184). Compelling children to wear a certain type of clothing thus is an infringement of their right of free expression. The assertion, in

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