Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Does it really matter if students dress the same, or different at school? As a matter of fact, this has been a debatable topic when school uniforms are mentioned. Furthermore, in the majority of public schools, students do not have to wear uniforms. Moreover, in the majority of the private schools, students have to wear uniforms. In addition, what would happen if uniforms in a public school were required? Uniforms mean that every student in the school would be wearing the same clothing item. Of course, many parents and students are fond of this idea, however, many are opposed to school uniforms. In this journal entry, we will be looking at why schools should have uniforms, and why they shouldn't have uniforms. Firstly, we will be talking about why students wearing school uniforms is an policy for schools to inform. In addition, school uniforms deter crime and increase student safety. Correspondly, many schools have had students sneak weapons and drugs into the school which have been hidden in their clothing items. School uniforms make it easier to keep track of students on field trips, and make intruders on campus more visible. As a matter of fact, Sparks Middle School in Nevada instituted a uniform policy, school police data showed a 63% drop in police log reports, and decreases were also noted in gang activity, student fights, graffiti, property damage, and other of the kind. In like manner, a bulletin published by the National Association of Secondary School Principals stated that, "When all students are wearing the same outfit, they are less concerned about how they look and how they fit in with their peers; thus, they can concentrate on their schoolwork. Many students in school are bullied for their looks and their clothing style causing them to focus less on school and more on looks. Furthermore, when all students are dressed alike, competition between students over clothing choices and the teasing of those who are dressed in less expensive or less fashionable outfits, can be eliminated. The fact that many people care so much about their appearance, people often end up waking up earlier in the morning to fit in the time needed. However, with school uniforms, it would almost be effortless to plan an

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